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Thrace Integrated Thermal Power Plant Project

The Major of İgneada, a Turkish town on the Bulgarian border condemns plans to open a coal fired power plant near Longos forest; Urges officials to downturn the application

İğneada, Kırklareli 6 November 2012-

It was announced by the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization that an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process has been initiated for 'Thrace Integrated Thermal Power Plant Project'' in Begendik, Igneada District of Kirklareli region, near the Bulgarian border of Turkey. Mr. Tahir Isık, the major of İgneada , has urged the Government officials to downturn the application of EMBA Electricity Inc. to build Turkey’s biggest power plant only 3.5 kilometers from the Bulgarian border, and 6.5 kilometers from the Longos Forrest National Park, recipient of World Bank’s GEF2 funding as well as European Commission’s environmental financial aid.

'From the destruction of forest in Longos, to the disposal of toxic coal ash, burning coal is dirty and dangerous. Longos Forrest lovers will demand a brighter, cleaner future, and we will work together to block EMBA’s offensive for dirty energy.' states Mr. Isik. Igneada's residents fear that all natural life in the world famous Longos Forrest in the Stranca mountains will be destroyed. Longos Forrest was declared a National Park in 2007 by the Turkish Government. European Union has provided Euro 344,500 for the Longos Biosphere project, so that the forest’s biological variety can be protected and maintained. Further, between 2000 and 2006 the Longos forest, together with a number of other natural reserves, received more than USD 8.2 million from World Bank’s Global Environment Fund (GEF) for Biological Variety and Natural Source Management Project.

'If the plans for the coal burning power plant is approved, our country will be taking a backward step into the 19th century. Both EU’s and the World Bank’s funding would be completely wasted as there will be very little left from the eco-tourism, nature and the wildlife that we have tried so hard to protect. The project should be stopped immediately' declared Mr. Isik.

It is expected that the project will have a serious adverse effect not only on the Igneada’s golden sand beaches, but also on Bulgarian sandy beaches. The environmental impact will be felt especially on the coastal towns of Sinemores, Ahtopol, Varvara, Tsarevo and Primorsko. Igneada’s major is decisive in his fight against the power plant and appeals to the Bulgarian people ‘I am addressing our Bulgarian neighbors; the Power plant will be responsible for human casualties in terms of heart attacks, asthma attacks and deaths both in Turkey and Bulgaria. I ask all concerned Bulgarian citizens to write to their authorities and assist us to stop this madness.’. The power plant is expected to ruin the lives of the local community whose sole income is tied to eco-tourism, agriculture and fishing. Igneada receives 400,000 tourists every summer to visit breath taking World Bank invested Igneada Longos Forrest National Park now expected to be ruined by acid rain, and water discharge from the controversial power plant.

Tahir Işık, İğneada Mayor
Born on 4th April 1960 in İgneada, Turkey, Mr. Isik operated his own businesss in İgneada until he was elected as Mayor. Married with 2 children is a member of the Turkey’s opposition Republican People's Party. Elected as Major on 2004, Mr. Isık’s goal is to turn İgneada into a tourism destination and to assist his village’s social and economical status.

Trakya Integrated Thermal Plant
The proposed coal powered power plant is planned to be Turkey’s biggest coal burning power plant with 1.232 MWm/1.200 MWe output capacity. EMBA Electricity Inc plans to lease 500.000 square meter of prime forrest land on the Black Sea, and construct a mega coal power plant. . The project is at 3,5 km distance to Bulgaria border and 6.5 km to İgneada Longos National Forrest. The Plant’s cooling water, which will be supplied from sea will be discharged to sea again. The ash will be kept in the storage area within the plant area. Shareholders of EMBA Electrical Inc. are; the founder of World Eye Hospital Eray Kapıcıoğlu (%25) , his son Vahit Kapıcıoğlu (%5), Mr. Mete Bülgün (%20), as well as Mr. Bülent Sungur %30 and Mr. Adnan Demir %20 who are the partners of the Turkish Supreme Court’s head Mr. Haşim Kilic’s son in law.

İğneada Longos National Park:
Igneada Longos National Park was declared a National Park on 2007. The Park is spread on 3155 hectares and is 25 km away to Demirköy.

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Tahir Işık
İğneada Belediye Başkanı
0532 763 5110

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